The Military Experience in the Napoleonic Era.

15. Portrait of the author, Carole Divall

Hello, I’m Carole Divall. Welcome to my website, which I hope you will find informative and interesting.

I am always very happy to hear from fellow enthusiasts of the Napoleonic Era and I can be contacted through my website or by e-mail at:  caroledivall@aol.com

I try to keep the site lively and up to date through pages such as “Stop Press”,  “Diary of a Regiment” and  “Articles”.

“Stop Press”:page is very much what you might expect, and I try to keep it up to date with recent happenings and events which I hope you will find interesting.

“Diary of a Regiment” : here I chronicle the daily life of a regiment during the Napoleonic Wars. The regiment in question is the 30th Foot, later known as the Cambridgeshire Regiment. This is the regiment on which I based my first two books “Redcoats against Napoleon” and “Inside the Regiment”, and during the research for those books I accumulated a large amount of data which I now use as the basis for the diary feature. If you check my website on 25th of any month you will find the latest diary entry, which contains detailed accounts of military events and personal exploits exactly 200 years after they happened.

“Articles”: On the 1st of each month I publish an article. My theme is always military, and generally centred on the Napoleonic Era. Previously published articles include a series on the siege of Cadiz, several biographical pieces on military figures, and articles detailing aspects of military life such as pay and promotion, crime and punishment, and the education of children orphaned when their fathers were killed while on military service.


I have been fortunate since I first started writing to have been published by Messrs. Pen and Sword, and my books to date are:

March 2009: Redcoats against Napoleon

book cover Redcoats

February 2011: Inside the Regiment

book cover Inside

March 2012: Napoleonic Lives 

….and coming soon: my next book will deal with Wellington’s failed siege and subsequent retreat from Burgos in 1812. Publication date is (probably) October 2012 and the  title is Wellington’s Worse Scrape.