Wellington’s Worst Scrape

Divall weaves together Wellington’s despatches with the eyewitness testimonies of British and Portuguese officers and men, civilians and the French. The result is a fascinating, multi-layered impression of the siege of Burgos itself and the sequence of manoeuvres that preceded it.
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The disastrous retreat and near disintegration of Sir John Moore’s army on the road to Corunna in 1809 is traditionally regarded as the low point in the history of the British intervention in the Peninsular War. Yet under the Duke of Wellington, the British and their allies suffered defeats and retreats that tend to be overshadowed by the series of victories that eventually drove the French from Portugal and Spain. None of these setbacks was graver than the retreat that followed the disastrous failure of the siege of Burgos in 1812. It is this, less than glorious, phase of the Peninsular campaign.

Carole’s book is wonderful and clears up all of the mysteries and motivations of Wellington’s actions after the battle of Salamanca. She uses all of the primary sources, both British and French to leave us with a tremendous addition to Peninsula literature.
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wellingtons worst scrape
  • Pages: 246
  • ISBN: 9781848848429
  • Published: 2nd October 2012
  • Published by: Pen & Sword Bookd


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