Napoleonic Lives

Divall uses a variety of sources to provide highly readable short biographies. Napoleonic Lives is an interesting book and one that ill please genealogists and military historians alike.
Who Do You Think You Are Magazine

Two hundred years ago the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars convulsed the whole of Europe. These were key events in the history of the continent, and for Britain, and they are a fascinating field for historical – and family history – research. More records than ever are available on the men who served in the British army during the wars – and on their families – this book is the perfect guide to how to locate and understand these sources – and get the most out of them. It gives a vivid insight into what soldiers’ lives were like during the period and shows how much of their experience can be recovered from the records.

As an interesting read of potted biographies of a variety of soldiers, Napoleonic Lives is worth a look…this book is an important and significant contribution to genealogy.
The Waterloo Journal

Using the full range of sources – contemporary military records, correspondence, diaries, memoirs – it reconstructs in detail the stories of a representative group of individuals who took part in the wars – a soldier who saw action as a marine in the Mediterranean fleet, a Gordon Highlander who was taken prisoner, riflemen who served at Walcheren, in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, artillerymen who played a crucial role in battles and in sieges, a gentry family whose sons served as officers in the Peninsula and in India, and two remarkable women who were among the many who went to war with the men.

napoleonic lives
  • Pages: 188
  • ISBN: 9781848845749
  • Published: 12th March 2012
  • Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
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