Inside The Regiment

A highly readable regimental history that will hold the attention of both the casual reader and the dedicated scholar.
Napoleon Series

This is the companion volume to Redcoats Against Napoleon, it tells the fascinating inside story of a typical infantry regiment during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Rather than focusing on the history of the 30th Regiment of the Line in action and on campaign, it explores its organization, traditions and hierarchy, its personnel, and the ethos that held it together. Using primary source material, in particular surviving regimental records, War Office documents, letters and journals, it reconstructs the life of the 30th Foot – and the lives of the men who served in it – during a critical period in Europe’s military history.

…an expert on the history of the British Army during the Napoleonic wars, has all the answers and more in a fascinating new book which gives us the inside story of a typical infantry regiment 200 years ago.
Yorkshire Evening Post
inside the regiment by carole divall
  • Available: 6th October 2010
  • Published by: Pen & Sword


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