Count Lavalette avoids firing squad

Count Lavalette, ordered for execution, which was scheduled to take place yesterday, escaped his fate the day before.

Countess Lavalette came to the prison ostensibly to bid a last farewell to her doomed husband. After this sad parting, the Countess, it is reported, left the prison, tearful with grief and holding a handkerchief to her eyes.

Only on the morning of the execution, when guards came to escort the prisoner to his fate, was it discovered that the weeping woman was in fact Count Lavalette. The couple had exchanged clothes.

The Count’s whereabouts are unknown. It is expected that the Countess will be sentenced to a period of imprisonment for her part in the deception.

British involvement?

There are rumours that some British subjects were involved in the Count’s escape. The name of Major-General Sir Robert Wilson has been mentioned in this respect.

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