Marshal Ney, famously ‘the bravest of the brave’ was executed on the 7th December.

The marshal was taken to the garden of the Luxembourg by ¬†coach at nine o’clock in the morning. He was accompanied on this last journey by the rector of St Sulpice, to whom he entrusted his snuff box and some money for the poor, and a guard of 200 soldiers.

According to eyewitnesses, the marshal faced the firing squad with the courage that might be expected of him. Removing his hat with his left hand and placing his right hand over his heart, he instructed them in a loud, clear voice: ‘Comrades, straight to the heart- fire!’

His death was instantaneous. He was hit by twelve balls, three to the head.

It is reported that the marshal was allowed an interview with his wife and children before his execution.

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