From our reporter in Brixham

The arrival of HMS Bellerophon with Napoleon Bonaparte (late Emperor of the French) aboard has created great interest in Torbay.

Crowds have been arriving in their hundreds just to catch a glimpse of the recently abdicated Emperor. As I look out across the water from the small village of Brixham I can see literally dozens of small boats all heading in the direction of the warship that so mightily overshadows them. And what do they hope for, the people crammed into these little craft?

A glimpse of the famous, if not infamous, conqueror of so much of Europe. The man defeated by our own hero, the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nor does the late emperor disappoint, for the crowds know that eventually they will be rewarded with a sight of the man himself, when he takes the air and salutes the acclamations of his old enemies.

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