From our correspondent with the Prussian army.

News has just reached the Prussian headquarters (14th June) that camp fires have been seen in the neighbourhood of Beaumont, just over the border. This has raised concerns that Napoleon Bonaparte has brought his army close to the frontier. At the moment there is no indication of his next move.

General Ziethen and the I Corp will be the first Prussians to encounter the French if they advance from what is assumed to be their present position.

The Prussians understand that the Duke of Wellington, in command of the Anglo-Durch army, believes the advance to Beaumont could be a feint, and that his forces will be the French target.

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  1. Martin Aaron 26th June 2015 at 12:01 am

    Great stuff as always, Caroline. Thank you so much for publishing these fascinating extracts. I’m looking forward to reading the Waterloo entries and beyond!

    Have a look at my new website!altens-brigade/c1zbb and tell me if you find any mistakes for the 30th!

    All the best

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