Diary of a Regiment – April 1815

2nd Battalion – Brussels

The Battalion remains in a state of high alert. There has been non-stop activity, officers on duty at least three nights a week and the men getting little rest. Having been informed that the battalion would be in an old friend, General Colin Halkett’s British brigade, officers and men alike waited impatiently for the order to advance. This arrived on the 6th April, and brought the battalion to Brussels, where several old friendships were re-kindled.

Several officers have arrived from England in the last month. Major Vigoureux, Lieutenant Roe (1), and Ensigns Latouche and Warren all travelled independently. Lieutenant Tincombe is in Ostend in command of a detachment from the depot. He has been joined by the newly commissioned Ensign Joseph Berridge, formerly Colour Sergeant Berridge of the regiment.

One corporal was demoted this month, and two have been appointed from private.

1st battalion – Camp at Nettoor

Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell remains in command of the battalion. Lieutenant Colonel continues in command of the infantry brigade in the field. Major Stanhope has been struck off. This officer never joined the battalion. Brevet Major and Captain Bircham’s promotion to major has been cancelled because of the promotion in Europe of Captain Hawker to major. Lieutenant Gray has been promoted to captain, and Ensign McDonald to lieutenant.

It is believed that General Wilkinson has sailed for Europe.

There have been six deaths this month, including two corporals and a boy, and fourteen invalids have sailed for Europe. One corporal has been reduced and two privates have been appointed corporal.

Depot – Colchester

Seven recruits have joined, and there is one with a recruiting party. Serjeant Daniel Ready has joined from recruiting.

Eight men have been discharged, and 13 are for discharge. Some seven-year men are re-enlisting.


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