Diary of a Regiment – February 1815

2nd Battalion – Antwerp

News has arrived from England that second battalions are being disbanded, now that the war against France has been won, and the Emperor Napoleon exiled to Elba. This has caused considerable concern among the officers of the battalion, many of whom anticipate an impoverished future on half-pay. Only those who properly belong to the 1st battalion can be sure that their career will continue. Some of these, though, do not relish serving in India.

Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton and Captain Ryan are members of a court martial in Brussels. Lieutenant Machel in serving as town major in Antwerp. Lieutenant Neville continues to serve with the Engineering Department. Serjeant Donnelly of the 67th has been commissioned ensign into the regiment, and is expected to join the battalion when he has recovered his health.

Colour Serjeant John Ward has returned to serjeant. Sergeant William Brewill has been appointed in his place. Serjeant O’Brien and three corporals have been reduced this month. Two sergeants joined from England, and there have been two desertions.

1st Battalion – Camp at Nagamungalum

The battalion have left Cannanore and are now on the march across India, with Madras as their eventual destination.

Captain T. Williamson, who has long been absent from the battalion, is now known to have exchanged with Captain Ryan into the 85th Foot.

Serjeant Alexander Maxwell has resigned. Corporal William Ward has been appointed sergeant, and William Williams, corporal.

There has been one death this month and little sickness.

Depot – Colchester

Major Hawker is now in command of the depot, having been ordered to join by the Commander-in-Chief after a long period of leave (granted in respect of the years he spent as a prisoner of war after the wreck of the Jenny in 1806).

Three men have joined from India and 10 invalids have joined from Chelsea. These last are to be discharged, unfit for further service. Three other men have already been discharged. There are three recruits at drill.



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