Dairy of a Regiment – January 1815

2nd Battalion – Antwerp

Quartermaster Kingsley has departed for India, to the regret of many officers who have known him since he joined the battalion in 1803.

Major Hawker and Lieutenant Brydges have extended their periods of leave. Major Vigoureux, although posted absent without leave, is believed to have renewed his leave.

Colour Serjeant Charles Connell and six privates, all of whom originally enlisted for seven years, which period they have now completed, have re-enlisted for unlimited service.

Six corporals, Dogett, Harman, Jackson, Nicholson, Smith and Suttle, have been promoted serjeant. Abraham Harman has enjoyed rapid promotion, having only been made corporal the previous month.

There has been one death.

1st Battalion – Cannanore

Lieutenant Colonel Lockhart has proceeded to Europe for promotion. Captain Jackson is also travelling to Europe for private reasons, and Lieutenant Lewin, for recovery of health.

Lieutenant George Madden has been promoted into the 89th Foot.

Lieutenants Campbell and S.R.Poyntz and Ensign Macdobald have been summoned to sit a court martial.

11 men from the 33rd Foot have joined the battalion, having been transferred at their own request to the 30th when their regiment returned to Europe some time ago.

Colour Serjeant Chester, Serjeant Jayes and Corporal Wilson have been reduced. Corporals White, Hayter, Ashmore and Thorne have been promoted serjeant, and 5 privates have been made corporal. Serjeant Leaper has returned from the suspension imposed by a regimental court martial. There have been 2 deaths, including Serjeant Haines.


Depot – Colchester

Serjeants Brady, Kilmartin and Stradling have been sent to join the 2nd battalion.

Serjeants Conboy, Lovell and Saunders, and Corporals Clancy and Criplow have been sent with a detachment of 76 men to join the 1st battalion.

Serjeant Henry Gibson and seven privates have been invalided to Chelsea.

4 men have been discharged, 1 man has deserted while on furlough, and there are 4 recruits at the depot.

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