Diary of a Regiment – November 1814

Second Battalion – Antwerp

Despite the arrival of Quartermaster Kingsley, who belongs to the first battalion, Quartermaster Serjeant John Williamson has been appointed quartermaster, to serve with the second battalion. Colour Serjeant Joseph Harrison has been appointed quartermaster serjeant and Serjeant Thomas Cowley has been made up to colour serjeant. Corporal William Frohock has been promoted to serjeant, and James Addy and Benjamin Delridge, corporals.

The battalion remains in garrison in Antwerp, until recently under the command of General Colin Halkett, who has now been replaced by General McKenzie. This seems to have been as the result if a disagreement with the civil authorities over the lack of cleanliness in the town. To make the point, General Halkett is reported to have collected the filth from the streets and left it outside the houses of the civil officials he held responsible.

Such is General Halkett’s popularity that the officers of the 30th, along with their Hanoverian colleagues, organised a dinner to show their appreciation of him. It seems to have been a riotous affair. ¬†Three hundred officers sat down to dinner and consumed seven hundred bottles of champagne. According to one of the diners, the corks from these seven hundred bottles were used as ammunition against the unfortunate Mayor of Antwerp.

Ist Battalion – Cannanore

Lieutenants Fettes and Sinclair have been appointed captain. Lieutenant Fettes was promoted by command of the Commander-in-Chief, India, vice Bircham, promoted to major. Both officers are currently in Europe.

There have been three deaths this month. Colour Serjeant Thomas Adcock and three corporals have been reduced. Serjeant John Linard has been promoted to colour sergeant, Corporal William Smith has been appointed serjeant, and Private George Parkes, corporal.

Seventeen invalids, including Serjeant Orton and two corporals, are on the march to Poonamallee under the command of Lieutenant Pennefather.

The battalion was inspected by Major General Wetherall on the 14th November. The general’s report is now awaited.

Depot – Colchester

Captain McNabb, recently returned form Portugal, is on his way to join the 2nd battalion in Antwerp.

Serjeant Ashby and 8 rank and file have been discharged, unfit for further service. Serjeant Haughey and 6 rank and file have been discharged having reached the end of their seven years service.

It is reported that there are still 38 men sick in Portugal.

There are no recruits with the recruiting companies.

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