Diary of a Regiment – October 1814

2nd Battalion – Antwerp

A large reinforcement arrived from the depot in England on the 7th October: 5 serjeants, 1 drummer, 14 corporals and 198 privates under the command of Captain (brevet Major) Ryan, who recently joined the regiment. Also in the party were Captain Sinclair and Lieutenant Nicholson, both previously on leave from the 1st battalion, Lieutenant Daniell, who so tragically lost his family earlier this year in the wreck of the Queen, Ensigns Rogers and Drake, and Quartermaster Kingsley. A considerable number of the NCOs and privates are returned prisoners of war.

There have been 3 deaths this month, including Serjeant John Blinkhorn. Private James Bilton has commuted his punishment to service abroad for life. 33 men have returned to England for discharge.

News has arrived that Quartermaster Wilson, who was expected to join the battalion, has died in India.

Lieutenant Neville, recently returned from leave, is now attached to the Engineering Department. He served as an engineer at Badajoz and Burgos. Ensign Beere has been promoted lieutenant.

Corporal Edward Costelle has been promoted serjeant, and Serjeant Edward Lane, colour sergeant. Two corporals, Robert Manchett and Edward Hughes, have been reduced.

1st Battalion – Cannanore

Five officers have been posted absent without leave, although it is understood that Captain Douglas has written to apply for an extension to his leave. There is no news of Lieutenants Fettes, Sinclair and Nicholson, who were all given leave to return to Europe for recovery of health, nor of Lieutenant White, who has been expected to join the battalion.

Lieutenant Colonel Lockhard has been ordered to England in consequence of promotion to the General List.

Serjeants Thomas Harris and Henry Murphy have been promoted colour serjeant. Colour Serjeant John Dowman has returned to serjeant.

There have been two deaths this month.

Corporals William Waters and Samuel Lee have been demoted. John Wyborough and Thomas O’Brien have been promoted corporal.

Depot – Colchester

A transfer of 217 men has been sent to the 2nd battalion.

3 recruits have joined. 2 men have returned from desertion and 2 from prisoner of war.

26 invalids have been discharged and 38 returned sick in Portugal have been struck off.

Private John Hill, who has been serving as servant to General Murray, has returned to the regiment. He is of particular interest to comrades who served in the Peninsula because he saw action after the battalion left Portugal, specifically at Vitoria, San Sebastian, the Nive, Orthez and Toulouse. He was also at Barrosa when the rest of the battalion was further north.


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