Diary of a Regiment – September 1814

Second Battalion – Antwerp

The battalion’s relationship with the people of Antwerp has continued to be uneasy, although there has been some relaxing of tensions since the departure of the French, who had been regarded as welcome allies by many of the citizens.

Major Vigoureux has returned from leave of absence and Captain Machell is serving as town major. General Graham’s goodwill towards the regiment was demonstrated when he personally involved himself in the promotion to ensign, from volunteer, of Edward Neville Macready.

There have been two deaths this month, and four men have returned from desertion. Corporal Terence O’Neil has been demoted.

First Battalion – Cannanore

There have been four deaths this month, and several officers have been granted leave for recovery of health: Captains Fox and Tongue and Lieutenants Ross, Teulon and Douglas.

Three prisoners are in solitary confinement by order of a regimental court martial, and two await trial.

Depot – Weeley

There are now 339 men fit for service at the depot, but 102 are without arms.

Two long-serving serjeants have been discharged, Serjeant George Thornton “for want of the use of his right arm”, and Serjeant Francis Cotton, “disabled on service”. Two corporals and 21 privates have also been discharged as unfit for further service.

Serjeant Conboy and 13 men have joined from prisoner of war.

The battalion awaits the arrival of Captain McNabb from leave. Lieutenant Brydges has been absent without leave since his appointment, and his address is not known. Lieutenant Daniell has joined the second battalion in Antwerp.


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