In Preston Lancashire there is a superb military museum, the Lancashire Infantry Museum, and there you can view exhibits relating to a number of regiments. In these times of austerity this museum is a great day out with free parking and free admission.

The Lancashire Infantry Museum, Preston.

My own particular interest is the 30th Regiment of Foot, usually referred to as the Cambridgeshire Regiment, which was at one time a part of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment. The 30th are very well represented at Preston.

Last weekend saw the a gathering of the Waterloo Association which was held at Preston to coincide with the opening of the new Waterloo gallery. Lieutenant Colonel John Downham spoke on siege warfare, after which I was asked to give an account of the failed siege of Burgos and the subsequent retreat, which happens to be the subject of my new book (of which more very soon when the book becomes available).

This is me giving my presentation on the failed siege of Burgos and subsequent retreat.

John Downham has been the inspiration and driving force in the creation of the new gallery and after the presentations he conducted tours of the Waterloo gallery. This is a very rich collection of artefacts, all of which is very well detailed in the museum catalogue.

Lt. Col. John Downham shows visitors round the new Waterloo Gallery 

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