25th September 1812

2nd Battalion: Camp near Burgos

The 5th division left Madrid at the end of August with the 1st and 7th divisions, and marched to Cuellar where they joined forces with the 6th division.  The four divisions then marched north in pursuit of the Army of Portugal under General Clausel.

General Bertrand Clausel, commanded the French Army of Portugal

Near Valladolid there was hope of bring the French to battle, but the guns of the 5th division, which were to have opened the action, were unaccountably delayed and the opportunity was lost.  The advance then made slow progress as Lord Wellington waited for the arrival of the Galician army under General Castaños.

General Francisco Javier Castanos, commanded the Galician Army

Once the Spanish arrived, the advance made rapid progress and caused the French to withdraw north of Burgos, leaving a garrison of 2,000 men in the citadel, which has now been invested.  Any hope the battalion, along with the other battalions of the 5th division, may have had that they would have the chance to take an active part in the siege was disappointed when they and the 7th division were designated as the covering force.

There have been twelve deaths during the past month, including Serjeant Rennick.  The sickness rate also remains high.  Over half the battalion are sick absent, although only two men have been returned sick present.  In addition three ensigns, Lockwood, Pratt and Beere, have been sent sick to the rear. However, Lieutenants Eagar and Freear have re-joined from sick leave.

Welcome news has arrived that a detachment of 78 men, including four experienced corporals, has landed in Lisbon under the command of Captain Richardson, and is on its way to join the battalion in Spain.  A lieutenant, three ensigns and a volunteer are also reported to be with the detachment.

Thomas Vipond, who has served with the battalion since its formation, has been appointed Drum Major.  Corporal Terence O’Neil has been demoted.

1st Battalion: Cannanore

There is very little to report from India.  There have been five deaths this month, and one reduction (Corporal Dewick).

A Hindu temple at Poonamalee

Lieutenants French and Winrow remain under arrest, awaiting court martial proceedings. Lieutenant Winrow has been charged with drunkenness.  Captain Lynch has arrived from England but has leave to stay in Madras, while Lieutenant Ross has leave to remain at Poonamallee.

Depot: Hull

Four rank and file have joined at headquarters, 1 man has been received as a transfer, and one man has been discharged.  There are thirty-three recruits with the recruiting parties, twelve at Sleaford (which remains the most fertile recruiting ground), seven at the three other English stations, and eight in Ireland.

A recruiting sergeant in action.

The depot has received a circular instructing them the recruit men over 35 for limited service (seven years) only.

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